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July 27, Day 35 – Trail Magic!

The first 20 miles of today was along a river in Yellowstone Park and was filled with lots of hot springs and thermal pools. It was really fun hiking and while the views weren’t vast they were filled with interesting features. Once out of the park, the majority of the remainder of the day was on dirt road and that led to getting a free beer and a homemade cookie from a woman who works for the forest service and had hiked the PCT in 2018. After enjoying a roadside beer, a man drive by and offered me a ride down the road so I accepted. He dropped me off 6 miles down the road at an unused guard station that had a water pump, outhouse, picnic table and a pretty nice view. I spent almost 2 hours here before finishing out the rest of the miles for the day. The rest of the day was all on trail and took me down through a beautiful canyon. I finished my day by walking into a equestrian trailhead to find a couple from Park City, Utah with a nice fire going. They handed me a few beers as well and I spent an hour talking about the trail with them. 35 miles of hiking and several beers had me fall asleep pretty quick!

Miles: 35.2 Total Miles: 566.2

Elevation of Camp: 6,544’

One of the many hot springs flowing into the river
Trail magic!
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