July 21, Day 29 – Reunited and it feels so good

It was pretty nice waking up on a strangers porch, especially since they had a cute dog who was very excited to see me. Waking up to a dog wagging its tail and trying to lick me put a smile on my face. I hung around for a few hours after waking up until Approach got to town around 8. We then got some breakfast, she charged her batteries and then we started hitching around noon. It took us 2 hitches to get to trail but only a cumulative 10 minutes of standing on the side of the road. I think Big Sky earned the award for “Fastest and Easiest Hitches Ever!” It felt good to be hiking again after a week off but it always takes a day or two to really feel back at home. About 10 miles into our day, we came across Ramshorn Lake. It was a great spot for a swim except that there were leeches, which I didn’t find out about until I found one attached to my stomach after sitting in the lake for 10 minutes. I plucked it off quickly and easily and was still very glad I went swimming. Approach was out in front when we started hiking again and ended up hiking a mile more than me. We had a slight miscommunication about which trail junction we planned to camp at. We both had amazing sunset views though!

Miles: 12.43 Total Miles: 432.340

Elevation of Camp: 8,740’

Ramshorn Lake

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