July 9, Day 17 – Hiking and resting in the same day!

The four of us had all hitched into East Glacier from Marias Pass but the trail actually goes from Marias Pass into East Glacier. We did this so that we could “slack pack” this stretch. Approach and I walked over to the highway around 8, stuck out our thumbs and had a ride back to the pass within 15 minutes. Our backpacks had snacks, water and sunscreen for the 15 mile downhill day into town. It was easy and quick and we were back in town before we knew it. Rob and Trashalope decided to skip these miles and take a day off. They’re not as concerned about hiking every mile as we are. We were back in town before 2 and spent the rest of the day laying around the yard at the hostel and eating as much food as possible. Cheese pizza, Oreos and soda were the items reached for most today.

Miles: 15.1 Total Miles: 328.98

Elevation of Camp: 4,830’

The only picture I took today was of this book I found at a gift shop. Colleen’s trail name is Squash so I thought she would like it.

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