July 8, Day 16 – Thank you, Bob Marshall

I woke up feeling pretty proud of myself. The Bob Marshall Wilderness had been taking some people 6-7 days and I was able to do it in 3.5. I did take a route that saved me 14 miles compared to most others but that 14 miles would have only taken me an additional 5 hours. That being said, The Bob Marshall Wilderness beat me up. It stole my water bottle and a sock. It ripped my shirt in half. It gave me my first blister in 3,000 miles of hiking. But I still have my dignity. Today is a much needed rest day though. Approach, Rob and Trashalope strolled into town in the early afternoon and we all got Mexican food that night. Three of us each ordered the nachos which somehow didn’t fill me up. We spent that night sleeping on the floor at Luna’s Looking Glass Basecamp Hostel in East Glacier, Montana. This is a restaurant turned hostel with a full commercial kitchen and plenty of seating. It is comfortable, cheap and inviting; just about all we look for in a place to stay.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 313.88

Elevation of Camp: 4,830’

My first view of the mountains of Glacier National Park as I left The Bob Marshall Wilderness

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