July 13, Day 21 – Canada!

It feels weird writing “Canada!” on Day 21 and not on Day 1 but it sure does feel good. We only had 1 pass to climb today and it was a fairly easy one except for the first mile in which we climbed straight up the side of the mountain for 1,000’. Red Gap Pass proved to be as equally beautiful as the other pass we had seen the last few days and we could almost see Canada from the top. It was a nice easy jaunt 8 miles downhill to a Ranger Cabin where we all took a nice break together. Whoever works at this cabin has without a doubt the most beautiful office view I’ve ever seen. I’m a little jealous. I wonder if they’re hiring? After a nice break at the cabin, we had 6 miles to the border. It went by really fast. Once at the border, the four of us took pictures and then hopped in Matt’s van for the 5 hour drive to Butte.

Matt pulled into the parking lot and handed me an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Sodas are special treats out here. I drank a good portion of it then set it down on the road to go take more pictures. While we were at the border taking more pictures, a beautiful red fox walked out of the woods. We watched as it sniffed and trotted around, slowly working it’s way towards the parking lot. The four of us start walking back to the van and watch as the fox walks up to my Dr. Pepper, smells it, and poops a single turd right next to it. I think it was aiming in the soda but Rob scared it slightly. This was hands down the most bizarre animal interaction I’ve ever had, at least that I can remember. I decided not to finish that soda, which made me kind of sad. I was really enjoying it.

Miles: 26.9 Total Miles: 419.97

Elevation of Camp: 3,875’

Belly River Ranger Station
Trashalope, myself, Approach and Rob at the border
This fox and I will meet again someday

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