July 12, Day 20 – Risking it for the Biscuit

We are always coming up with crazy plans out here. Today was no different. We had the idea that we could do bigger miles today and make it all the way to Many Glacier campground with the hope that the walk-in site there would be available. This meant we would need to do 28.6 miles instead of the 15 we had planned. The first 15 miles of the day were relatively flat so we figured it was worth it and not too difficult. When we reached the end of the first stretch of flat trail, we came to St. Mary Falls, a popular tourist destination and for good reason. It was a short hike from the road and was beautiful. Approach, Trashalope and I all took our lunch break at the road and dried out our stuff from the condensation that morning. We had camped in a valley next to a lake so we knew that everything would be soaked when we woke up. While taking our break, a young woman from The University of Montana surveyed us about our experience in the park for a class she was taking. I’m sure our answers were quite different than those of the other visitors she met in the parking lot that day but it’s good to have a large sample size. With full bellies and lighter packs, we climbed 3,000’ over 5 miles to get to the top of Piegan Pass. It was worth every step. The views were astounding! We took a short break then continued down to camp, 8 miles away. This 8 miles went by fast as Approach, Trashalope and I stuck together. Also, the closer we got to camp, the nicer and flatter the trail got. We were practically running at some points, mostly due to me being in front, very hungry and smelling hot food from the store near camp. We caught up to Rob about a mile before camp and were able to get a spot at the walk in site! Our risk paid off! We celebrated by eating food at the restaurant and drinking way too much soda. Matt drove up and camped with us as well. We had informed him of our change of plans and this gave him a shorter drive tomorrow to pick us up at the Canadian Border!

Miles: 28.6 Total Miles: 393.07

Elevation of Camp: 4,905’

The south side of Piegan Pass
Swiftcurrent Lake at Many Glacier

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