July 11, Day 19 – Triple Divide Pass

We got an early ride out of town from Matt, Approach’s boyfriend. He dropped us off at Two Medicine, where we had hiked to yesterday. The next 3 days we will be spending in Glacier National Park, camping in backcountry sites. Each day would be around 25 miles with around 5,000’ of climbing each day. Today involved climbing over Pitamakan Pass first then over Triple Divide Pass. The scenery was stunning and the trails were pretty well maintained. I stayed in the back of the pack most of the day and really enjoyed taking my time. There was a bit of snow on the north side of Pitamakan Pass but the rest of the day was nice and easy trail. I got to the top of Triple Divide Pass around 3:30pm and was greeted by 2 mountain goats. I was happy to see goats and not bears. It was all downhill the rest of the way into camp and I showed up last around 6pm.

Today was pretty exciting and enjoyable. I’m happy to finally be seeing consistent beautiful scenery and maintained trail. I had a pretty big smile on my face today. One big part of that was that we had driven down to Butte and started there in order to hopefully hike this section we did today. It had been closed when we first arrived in Glacier on June 22nd. Our plan worked out and we are reaping the benefits. Triple Divide Pass is especially cool because of the uniqueness of the watershed around it. It is called Triple Divide Pass because it is next to Triple Divide Peak, the hydrological apex of North America. Water on each side either flows into the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico or Hudson Bay. I don’t know of another area in North America like this!

Miles: 24.59 Total Miles: 364.47

Elevation of Camp: 4,736’

South side of Pitamakan Pass
North side of Pitamakan Pass
South side of Triple Divide Pass
Mountain goats on Triple Divide Pass
North side of Triple Divide Pass
Campsite for the night

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