July 10, Day 18 – Our first steps in Glacier National Park

We had the same opportunity today as we did yesterday. The 4 of us hiked the 10.9 miles from East Glacier to Two Medicine in the early morning and we hoped to be able to hitch back fairly easily. We also needed to get our permits for the next few days from a Ranger Station in Two Medicine. Glacier National Park requires us to camp in designated areas and limits the number of campers per site. This meant that we might be limited to where we could camp and how far we could go each day. Luckily, we got a pretty good itinerary that we were happy with. After getting our permits, we hitched back into East Glacier and spent the rest of the day relaxing again. Rob made a Moroccan style stew that we devoured. It felt nice to eat something really healthy. I was also feeling quite rested today. Tonight was my fourth night in town in a row, a record for me. It reminds me of going into Etna, CA 4 times last year on the PCT.

Miles: 10.9 Total Miles: 339.88

Elevation of Camp: 4,830’

National Parks: more rules, more crowds, more beauty
The view from our high point of the day

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