July 7, Day 15 – The final push before Glacier

I had a rough night of sleep again so I had a slow start. The motivation was low today. I slowly walked the first of stretch of trail and talked to a few other hikers. About halfway through the day, I got cell service and made some phone calls to my friend Matt and my parents. My girlfriend Colleen was working so I had to wait to talk with her. These phone calls helped my hike go by faster. I finally felt like I was close to town when I made it on to the alternate that would take me around 8 miles of blowdowns. Luckily, phone service continued and I was able to catch up with Colleen after 4 days of no service. I power walked the last 10 miles, crossing Strawberry Creek over 10 times. My feet were soaked but I didn’t care. Town was close and nothing was slowing me down at this point. When I got to the road, I realized it would be a tough hitch. We were on a fast highway with a lot of tourists. I put on my biggest smile and walked over to the parking lot to offer taking pictures for people at a monument. This paid off pretty quickly and I ended up with a ride from a nice family from Eugene, Oregon. The rest of the evening was spent eating, cleaning up and laying in bed. The Bob Marshall wilderness was really tough so I’m very happy to be done.

Miles: 27.9 Total Miles: 313.88

Elevation of Camp: 4,830’

One of the many creek crossings today

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