July 4, Day 12 – Headed into the wilderness

Today was a pretty easy day thankfully. I ended up having a rough night and only slept 3 hours. I had a lot on my mind and struggled to fall asleep. And I’m already in the habit of waking up at 6am so I was kind of groggy this morning. Luckily, I got the last order of banana bread French toast at the cafe! After breakfast, we packed up, cleaned up the room, and made use of our last time with cell service for the next 5-6 days. At 10am, Frank picked us up to take us to trail. Frank is a local with a truck who offers rides to and from trail. It’s a 30 mile dirt road drive to the middle of no where so it’s a tough hitch. We started hiking around 11 and the trail was kind to us. It was flat, well graded and easy to follow. Despite my lack of sleep, I got off to a hot start and did 7 miles in the first 2 hours and did the full 14 in just over 4 hours. Approach and I hiked together for the last mile or two and saw a mama black bear and her cub. Luckily she was frightened by us and moved off the trail quickly. She had no intention of coming anywhere near us. We got to camp just before the rain started and all got set up. The 5 of us spent the evening hanging out and telling stories from our adventures. It’s really nice to have a trail family. I needed the camaraderie today.

Miles: 14.28 Total Miles: 210.3

Elevation of Camp: 5,655’

We are headed into the Bob Marshall Wilderness this week!
Mama and her baby.

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