June 30, Day 8 – Fortunate flower blooms

Waking up in town was pretty nice. I laid in bed until 9, watched tv, ate some snacks and then showered again for no reason. After packing everything up I headed next door to get breakfast. This was hands down the best part of my day. They had cinnamon roll French toast and it was saturated in butter. I was in heaven. It led to me slouching down in the booth for a bit before working up the inspiration to go back to the woods. Luckily my hitch out only took 5 minutes. Once back on trail I took my sweet time. It was around noon and I only planned to go 12 miles. I took a lot of breaks and got to camp around 6. I spent the rest of the evening watching the sunset, writing some and talking to my girlfriend. I’ve had cell phone service just about all day every day since we started. Tomorrow that changes. I don’t plan to have service while hiking again until I get to Glacier in over a week.

When I got dropped off by my hitch to get back on trail, I met two women who informed me how lucky I was to see Beargrass blooming. According to them, it doesn’t happen every year and even when it does happen, it can be just a few of them. This year we have them all over the place!

Miles: 11.76 Total Miles: 150.36

Elevation of Camp: 7,171’

Beargrass in bloom!

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