June 29, Day 7 – Hiking along the Continental Divide

I woke up pretty excited for the day. We had heard that we would be hiking along ridges most of the day that present great views! We were not lied to. The hiking today was the most scenic day yet. However, with those ridges came 50+ mph winds. I almost blew over several times. The winds were worth it though. We had 360 degree views several times throughout the day and I was still really enjoying the hiking. The day was all going great until I got to the road. I hoped to get a quick hitch into town to get dinner and then hitch back out to the trailhead to camp. Unfortunately, over 2 hours and 100 cars, nobody picked me up. I made the decision to call a hotel/campground in town and they said they could pick me up. I was in town by 7:30, ate a veggie burger and cheese quesadilla, and got a room for the night. I had planned to camp at the hotel for $10 but they offered me a room for $50 so I couldn’t turn it down. I think I was the only one at the hotel that night. Even though I’ll be taking a zero in another town in a few days it was nice to sleep in a bed and shower for the first time I over a week. We also ran across 3 other southbound thru hikers today! They were the first ones we’d seen that we could potentially see again when we flip back down to Butte. We exchanged information about the trail ahead and found out we could be running into more snow in a few days. Hopefully it stays hot and continues to melt quickly!

Miles: 22.22 Total Miles: 138.6

Elevation of Camp: 5,620’

I think we will be seeing a lot of these signs!

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