June 28, Day 6 – I should have carried more water

The hiking today was pretty great for the most part. Not too many blowdowns, the climbs weren’t too bad and the views were pretty good. The heat was pretty horrendous though. For some crazy reason, I thought I could make 2 liters of water last me the 18.8 miles we had to go between sources. This was a bad idea. I went through one liter in the first 10 miles and had to ration just to make it last that long. The day continued to heat up and I often found myself on top of a ridge without shade. The second liter ran dry with about 2 miles left. When I finally reached our water at Dave’s place, a gear shop/trail angel, I had not peed since I woke up. I immediately chugged a liter and began working on a second. Luckily, we only had a few more miles to do that day and it was 2pm so I had plenty of time to rehydrate. Dave was a welcoming host with all the gear one would need for a thru hike. You could walk into his store naked and walk out ready for an expedition anywhere in the US. He also had sodas for $0.50! I splurged and bought two. He let us use his stove so we could have some hot food and I bought a prepackaged stew from him. It was nice to get a small feeling of eating “town food” while on trail. I had a snickers for dessert then hiked the 3 or so miles to camp. Approach and I did a half mile more than Rob and Oklahomie to try to find a better spot. The four of us are now a solid trail family that will probably stick together until Glacier, maybe further. The one great thing about today is that as I was descending a large hill I ran across a trail crew with two chainsaws. When I ran into them I had just hopped over a few blowdowns but not too many. They informed me they had been working hard all morning and that the trail was clear all the way to the road, several miles away. They saved me from having to walk around, jump over, and crawl under about 50 trees! Thank you trail crews!

Miles: 22.3 Total Miles: 116.38

Elevation of Camp: 6,388’

The only picture I took today was of my tarp set up at camp. My friend Dan, owner of ANDA Gear, made it for me!

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