June 27, Day 5 – Our first bear encounter

Our goal for today was just over 20 miles so we got started around 7. We had a climb first thing which got our legs warmed up but the rest of the day was gentle rolling hills through Montana cattle country. I think we saw at least 100 cows today. We also shared water sources twice with them. Once from a cistern flowing under the road and the second from a cattle trough. The cows were generous enough to give us space and let us drink their water but they watched us closely. It was a long and hot day with many breaks for shade but our legs were feeling much better after a small rest day and lots of eating the day before. At the end of the day, Oklahomie caught up to us as did Rob, a hiker we had heard about but not yet met. The four of us hope to make it about 19 miles tomorrow to a gear store/trail angel right on trail. It should be an opportunity for showers, phone charging and cold drinks! Also, Approach and I accidentally scared away a mama grizzly and her two cubs. Right as we came over the top of our first climb and entered a meadow, Oklahomie had been nervously watching a mama and her cubs graze. Luckily, Approach and I were loudly talking on the phone to our friend Wow and we scared the bears away before they saw us or we saw them. Oklahomie was happy to see us as well but we were slightly sad to not get a chance to see the bears. He got a great video of them though.

Miles: 24.58 Total Miles: 94.08

Elevation of Camp: 6,910’

Luckily, we could get our water straight from the pipe before it mixed with the cattle water.

A nice sunset view!

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