July 3, Day 11 – A general store makes a town great

On a zero day like today, we try to sleep in, eat as much as possible and walk as little as possible. I think I succeeded. We got our hotel room around noon and I spent a lot of time laying in bed. It was nice to be able to lay down in a quiet place with air conditioning. We all bought food at the general store for dinner and stayed in for the night. Approach, Rob, Oklahomie and our new friend Trashalope all shared a room with me.

One of the things I look for in a quality trail town is a “General Store.” This is usually the one stop shop for everyone in town. It has hot food, healthy food and trail food. Also, these towns are usually small enough for us to walk around in. Augusta checked all the boxes for a great trail town.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 196.02

Elevation of Camp: 4,060’

The General Store in Augusta, Montana
We camped in the back of the motel our first night in town.

3 thoughts on “July 3, Day 11 – A general store makes a town great

  1. David Montanaro

    Great to see your progress! Been wondering how the tarp tents are working out…. Thanks for the photos, keep it up!

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