July 2, Day 10 – Luck is on my side

It’s town day so I jumped out of bed quickly and tried to maintain a pretty good pace all the way into town. It was pretty flat and easy terrain so I was able to make it to the road into town by 11am. I walked onto the main road and sat down under a tree for shade while I waited for a car to drive by. Not even 10 seconds later, a truck comes by and offers me a ride to Augusta. Historically one of the hardest hitches on trail just took me less time than 99% of my hitches from last year and this year. That was a great feeling! I was prepared to sit on the side of the road for hours. Once in town, I went straight to the motel to meet up with Approach and Rob and met a few other new hikers as well. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up, filling our bellies and relaxing. Augusta is a small town of around 200 people so there weren’t many options for things to do. I like this. It keeps our life simple and everything is close together.

Miles: 19.5 Total Miles: 196.02

Elevation of Camp: 4,060’

I hadn’t realized until this sign that we were in the Scapegoat Wilderness. I always love seeing these signs.
I wish I had brought a tube with me. I could have floated down this river for miles instead of hiking. This trend will continue as we enter the Bob Marshall Wilderness in a few days.

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