July 1, Day 9 – New friends!

I woke up to a lot of condensation on me so I laid in bed until after the sun came over the horizon. I then let everything dry out and didn’t leave camp until around 8. I thought I would still have no problem going 30 miles today even with a late start. Boy was I wrong. I met over 30 other thru hikers today. I spent over half an hour talking just to one couple. Then spent several minutes with a few other groups. It took me forever to get anywhere. However, I’m definitely not complaining. It was so nice to meet a bunch of other hikers and the people I could potentially be hiking with after I flip back down to Butte. I met two groups of 6-8 and then camped with a group of 8, though most of them had just met that day or the day before. One group consisted of several people I met on the PCT last summer. I really enjoyed catching up and sharing stories of our lives since we last saw each other. It was a great day other than climbing and descending over 5000′ each way and getting my feet wet on 5 separate occasions near the end of the day. I got to camp with tired legs and wet feet but a big smile. I didn’t catch up to Rob or Approach but I think I passed Oklahomie. I saw his tent but he didn’t respond when I yelled out to him. Oh well, I’ll see them all in town tomorrow. There was also a very curious deer this morning. It got within 20 feet of me and it snuck up on me. I’m glad it wasn’t a bear.

Miles: 26.16 Total Miles: 176.52

Elevation of Camp: 6,016’

The ridge walking continued for another 12 miles today, granting me with views like this all morning.

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