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June 26, Day 4 – First town day!

We hustled into town this morning and made it in around noon. The hitch didn’t take too long to get and he dropped us off right at a grocery store next to a sandwich shop. We spent the next few hours eating and drying out our gear from condensation that morning. This drying process took considerably longer than expected though. The sprinklers came on in the yard we were using, twice. After the first time, we moved our gear to a different lawn and looked for sprinklers and didn’t see any. They were there though. And they soaked our gear a second time. Luckily everything finished drying just as Lauren from the CDTC (Continental Divide Trail Coalition) picked us up. Lauren helps raise money for the non-profit that maintains the CDT. We hung out for a bit before she had to head home to recover from a weekend of llama packing. Approach and I got pizza then went to a brewery that had live music outside. Around 7 we walked a mile back to the highway to hitch back to trail. It only took us about 15 minutes to get a ride. On our ride to the trailhead we spotted another hiker, Doug, also hitching so we picked him up too. Approach and I joined Oklahomie in a campsite at the trailhead and shared stories until the sun went down around 10.

Miles: 12.48 Total Miles: 69.5

Elevation of Camp: 6,254’

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