June 25, Day 3 – Finding our groove

We were able to have a much more pleasant day today. The trail was pretty smooth other than some patches of blow downs, one of which required quite a few acrobatic moves. I had to be light and nimble on my feet, which is tough when I have 4 extra days of food in my bag and my feet are sore and my ankles, knees and hips hurt. The life of a thru hiker can be a struggle but it is so rewarding! We finished the day camped next to a pond with an amazing view of the sunset. We also met our first other thru hiker today, Oklahomie! It was nice to talk with someone new for a bit and we have a mutual trail friend in Wow, who we hiked with last year on the PCT. The thru hiking world can be very small sometimes.

I forgot to mention on day 1 that we started the trail with enough food for around 7 days of hiking because we had bought enough food to get us the 100 miles through Glacier National Park and now only had to go 3.5 days to get to Helena. I also didn’t eat as much as I expected to in the first few days.

Miles: 17.88 Total Miles: 57.02

Elevation of Camp: 7,210’

Here’s a small example of what the trail sometimes looks like. I didn’t take many pictures today.

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