June 24, Day 2 – Taking the good with the bad

Today started pretty good. We woke up dry and a bear didn’t steal our food. That’s really all we wanted after our first night. The hiking was pretty good until about halfway through the day when we reached 5 miles of blowdowns, flooded trail and snow patches. I don’t think 5 miles has ever taken me longer in my life, other than when I did 5 miles of scree field on the Weminuche High Route last September. It was one of the physically and mentally hardest days for me because of how slow I was going and how much extra effort every step took. I also ended the day by doing ~3 extra miles because I missed a turn. Today was rough. But we made it to camp, got dry and warm, and slept pretty well. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Miles: 21.32 Total Miles: 39.14

Elevation of Camp: 7448’

Drying out our gear during a lunch break on the top of a mountain
This was a struggle

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