June 23, Day 1 – Off to a great start!

We woke up around 6 covered in condensation at Galena Gulch campground just off Interstate 15 then drove about 20 minutes to get to the start of the trail. Unfortunately it’s not a terminus like we wanted but we are happy to be getting on trail. The CDT is known for its increased difficulty and abundant road walks so it made perfect sense that we had to drive 4 hours south and then start with a 3 mile road walk. This didn’t dampen our spirits though. We excitedly headed down the road then got onto trail only to find a cooler full of sodas within 100 feet of our first steps on actual trail! We were so excited and happy and convinced that the next 4 months or so are going to be a lot of fun! We hung out for a bit at the cooler and I drank a “Mt. Chill.” I found it to be a pretty appropriate soda name for where we were. We continued another 4 miles down the trail to a road that led to a campground. Keith, aka Wife Tracker, whom we had met just as we started walking had told us he would be at this campground later in the day so we took the chance and did some extra miles at a chance for more soda and some friendly conversation. We took about 20 steps down the road to the campground and along comes a truck. They tell us to hop in the back and we get a ride the .9 miles down to the campground. So 8 miles in and we’ve already received trail magic and a hitch! Unfortunately Keith never showed up at the campground even though we spent over 2 hours hanging out there. But that’s ok, I think we will see him again down the trail. That seems to be how the trail works. People come and go and you never know when you’ll see them again. After an extended lunch break, we finished out the final 9 miles for the day. The entire day consisted of rolling hills in thick lodgepole pine forest. It was nice to have an easy first day. Hopefully our luck continues tomorrow!

Miles: 17.82 Total Miles: 17.82

Elevation of Camp: 7277’

We decided to camp directly on trail because there weren’t many flat spots and we figured there aren’t many people out here right now.

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