September 7, Day 139 – Canada!

Today’s the big day and the energy was in the air this morning. We were out of camp before 8. The five of us stuck together most of the day. We went swimming in Hopkins Lake on our way to the terminus. It was cold but super refreshing. And it’s the last Lake on the PCT so we had to go for a swim. We got to Canada just before noon and all cheered a lot. There were a few other people there when we got there but they left soon after and the 5 of us had it to ourselves for the rest of the time. We spent over an hour there taking pictures and sharing food and drinks. It was all smiles and laughter. We eventually had to head back though. We had 30 miles to do to get back to Harts Pass but only half of that today. Approach, Wiesel Dick and I stuck together for 11 miles until we got back to our camp. We had left Approach’s tent set up with most of our stuff so we could have lighter backpacks for the day. I grabbed my stuff and headed out to cover the last few miles solo. We were all together in camp around 7 and saw a few others we had known who were on their way to the terminus. We saw OB, Colonel Sanders, Microbe, Dijon and Tigger. We then all sat down and had dinner together and tried to eat as much food as possible since we only have 15 miles to go tomorrow to get to the road. We finished our night with Nighty Nights again. I’m really sad this hike is ending but I don’t think reality has set in. I’m still happy for the most part but I’m sure I’ll be sad it’s over soon. We saw a big shooting star tonight too. The weather is perfect for star gazing again tonight. Approach and I also watched the last 2 episodes of “You”. I’m going to miss all of this. Sleeping outside under the stars with good friends is a privilege.

I have a lot more I’d love to write here about everything this hike meant to me but it’s really tough to put into words. This has been the best 139 days of my life. I don’t know how to explain how amazing a long distance thru hike is but it was more than I could have ever imagined. This definitely won’t be my last one. I’m already thinking about next summer.

Miles: 11 Total Miles: 2653.6

Approach, myself and Wiesel Dick at the terminus. We got matching pants and all had colorful shirts so it made for a pretty ridiculous terminus photo.

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