September 6, Day 138 – High fives for everyone

We took our time getting out of camp and left around 8. Approach, Draggin’, Wiesel Dick and I walked together until we got to Harts Pass around 10. This would be the last road we would cross before Canada and would be where Approach’s parents will pick us up in 2 days. Koviet also caught up to us here and we all hiked together until seeing Atlas and Beekeeper. We all chatted for a bit and congratulated them. They were on their way back from the border. We then all kind of split up for a bit. Koviet and Draggin and I chilled for a bit on a hill with a good view but I wouldn’t hike with anyone else the rest of the day. I saw them at water sources a couple times but I spent most of my day listening to all of the music I had saved over the course of the hike. I’d been saving songs that were meaningful to me along the way and took a trip down memory lane. Everyone was giving each other high fives today. There were a lot of hikers coming back south from reaching the border. Everyone was so happy and excited for each other, even if we had never met before. I got to camp at the top of Woody Pass to find Approach and Wiesel Dick with a spot already picked out for us. We all set up our cowboy camping arrangements then went to the west side of the pass to chill in the sun and hang out for a bit. As we were there, Rambo and Surefoot showed up. They had reached the border that morning and had big smiles! We all celebrated together for a bit before they headed 4 more miles south to set up for an easier day tomorrow. Approach, Draggin’, Koviet, Wiesel Dick and I all ate dinner together and laughed a lot. We then watched Pineapple Express until 9:30 and did Nighty Nights afterwards. We also got really lucky with the weather tonight. It’s a new moon and there’s not a cloud in the sky so the stars are some of the best we have seen all trail. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my last night on trail before Canada. We have 11 miles to do to get to the border in the morning. I can’t wait. We could also see Jupiter shining really bright and I saw 3 shooting stars.

Miles: 25.3 Total Miles: 2642.6

The crew at Woody Pass, 11 trail miles south of Canada.

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