September 5, Day 137 – I’m in love with thru hiking

We woke up at Denny and Lorry’s cabin and the first thing I did was take a piss in front of a trail cam. Denny had trail cams set up around the cabin so he could see what animals were coming around. Approach also made the same mistake as me but didn’t see the trail cam. As soon as I saw it I panicked and walked inside to the toilet. Once everyone else was awake we made coffee and waffles and bacon and eggs and had breakfast together. While we were eating, I spotted my first bear of the whole trail. It was walking across the hillside outside their cabin. We took our time relaxing before heading back to trail around 9. When we got back to trail we took pictures with them and hung out with Sam’s grandparents for a bit. They were doing trail magic and we had also seen them just north of crater lake. We then climbed 2000′ up to a ridge where we saw a mountain goat and were greeted with spectacular views that would continue all day. We saw Rambo’s parents just before we reached Methow Pass. They are out hiking from Rainy Pass to Harts Pass and back. We then took a nice lunch break at the top of the pass. The next stretch of trail took us down into some old growth forest and flat trail for a few miles. We took our next break at Brush Creek before ascending 2500′ up above Glacier Pass. When we reached the top of the climb we saw one of the best views we had seen all trail. We are pretty sure we saw Canada today. It was a special moment that made us realize how soon this will be over. It hit me pretty hard. We took a nice break as the sun set behind the mountains to our west and then continued 1.4 miles to our campsite for the night. We all lined up and cowboy camped together and watched a movie while eating dinner. After the movie we did Nighty Nights. This is where we talk about the good and bad parts of our day, our hero of the day, our goal for tomorrow and we say nice things about the person next to us. It’s a great way for us to think about the details of our day and show appreciation. We didn’t have many bad things so it was really positive tonight. The sky is partly cloudy tonight so the stars come and go but when they are out it’s beautiful.

I’m in love with thru hiking and don’t want this hike to end. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a summer. I’ve made so many friends and memories out here that will stay with me the rest of my life. I hope to do this again next year on another trail. This summer was the best experience of my life.

Miles: 25.2 Total Miles: 2617.3

We were pretty happy. Can’t you tell?

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