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September 4, Day 136 – Everything always works out

Stehekin has been a great town stop for us. The best part of it was the bakery and we were making one more stop there on the way out of town. About 30 hikers were on the 8:00 bus out of town and we all got off for the bakery stop. I had some quiche and a yogurt parfait since I already had a cinnamon roll packed away for later. We were on trail by 9 and Draggin’, Wiesel Dick and I hiked together all day. We took a break about every 5 miles and hiked slow knowing we were only doing 19 miles. We got to Rainy Pass trailhead just before 5, our planned camping spot for the night. Rambo had said I should look for her parents car so we could go into town easy but I was unable to find it. I think Rainy Pass trailhead is the biggest one I have ever seen. We ended up hitching into Winthrop to get Mexican food and buy celebratory drinks for when we reach the terminus. After drinking a giant margarita, Approach wanted a few shots so we headed next door to the saloon. While I was filming them taking the shots, a guy offered to take pictures but I wasn’t drinking so we didn’t need him to. After drinking and buying some champagne for the road, we sat outside the general store while Wiesel Dick and I got milkshakes. Approach said hi to the couple that we had seen in the bar and they offered us a ride to the trailhead. As we were loading up in their truck, they offered us the option to spend the night in their cabin down the road. How could we say no? Approach, Draggin’, Wiesel Dick and I got to go to a beautiful cabin in the woods where we were greeted by a friendly chocolate lab dog named Baker. We stayed up late telling stories from the trail and having a great time. They had a shot ski that we got out to use too. This was hands down the best random trail magic we had gotten all trail and we were only 3 days from being done.

Miles: 19.2 Total Miles: 2592.1

Shot ski at the cabin.
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