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September 3, Day 135 – Wiesel Dick’s Birthday!

I spent the entire day eating way too much food. I went to the bakery twice, got to see Rambo and Surefoot, ate a lot of carrot cake and had some pretty good clam chowder. Approach and Wiesel Dick returned from Chelan around 4 and we celebrated his birthday with lots of baked goods. Draggin’ bought us all dinner that night too. We got really lucky and got to eat at the only restaurant in town the last night they would be open for the season. If we had gotten there a day later we would have missed out on the amazing food there and been stuck eating our hiker food or cinnamon rolls from the bakery. We went for a swim in the lake, did laundry and took showers and got ready for the last stretch of trail. When we walk out of Stehekin tomorrow morning, we will be 80.4 miles from Canada.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 2572.9

I seemed to have once again not taken many pictures but here are the pastries I got at the bakery. The cinnamon rolls from Stehekin Pastry Company are probably the single most talked about food item on trail.
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