September 2, Day 134 – Last town on trail, Stehekin

I packed up pretty quickly this morning and was out of camp by 6:45. We had 31.3 miles to do to get to Stehekin. However, the town is 12 miles from the trail and we needed to be at a road crossing to catch a bus into town by 6:15. We had one big gradual climb to start our day and then it was downhill for 20 miles. The sun was shining and we were excited to get to our last town on trail. We hiked last Beekeeper and Atlas first thing in the morning but would see them both later that day. Beekeeper ended up catching and passing me pretty early on but Atlas would end up showing up to the bus stop about 30 minutes after me. I had a lot of foot pain today so I was moving pretty slow and downhill made it a lot worse. I had been wearing the same pair of shoes since Ashland, Oregon, 800 miles ago. This was way longer than I intended but the post office had let me down in our prior town stops. I ended up spending most of the day with headphones in listening to a podcast with 20 minute episodes. This meant every episode was one mile done. It really helped me get through the pain. After getting to Stehekin, I found Beekeeper and was told Approach and Wiesel Dick had gone into Chelan to get his staph infection looked at. They had somehow gotten a hitch on a boat 50 miles down to the other end of the lake. I spent the night hanging out with Beekeeper, Atlas, and Koviet. I was able to get my new shoes and my feet instantly felt better. We ended up cowboy camping behind the bathrooms at the local campground.

Miles: 31.3 Total Miles: 2572.9

These shoes had more holes than Swiss cheese. The rip on the right toe went all the way across the shoe.

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