September 1, Day 133 – Hiking slow for the views

We woke up to sunshine! Approach and I decided to just dry out our stuff first thing so we didn’t have to pack anything up wet and could keep moving all day afterwards. This meant we didn’t leave camp until around 9 but it was nice taking our time this morning. I will say I don’t have much detail from today since we arrived in camp late and I didn’t write that night but here’s what I can remember: taking about 30 photos of alpine lakes, roaring streams, mountain ranges poking the clouds and a wonderful sunset. Even though I had fun with the snow yesterday, one day was enough. I was very happy for sunshine today. We passed by one of the most beautiful lakes on trail, Mica Lake. The water was a beautiful deep blue with hints of turquoise near the shore. After passing Mica Lake, we descended down into a river valley only to climb right back out the other side. But I didn’t mind any of the climbing we did today. The view at the top was always worth it. I took a 15 minute break at Dolly Vista to watch the sunset. It was one of the best I’d had all trail. Afterwards, I scurried downhill to find Approach eating dinner at our planned campsite. We had caught up to Draggin’ who told us that the rest of the crew was not far ahead. Approach and I decided to push another 5 miles to catch them and set ourselves up for an easier day into Stehekin tomorrow. I ran most of those 5 miles. It was beautiful wide trail and as flat as can be. I got in to our resting spot at a large bridge just before 10 and scoped out a site for us. We couldn’t find anyone else but there were a lot of campsites at this river and it was too dark to go looking for them. We found out 2 days later we had passed Rambo and Surefoot in those last 5 miles and we would get into Stehekin the day before them.

Miles: 35.1 Total Miles: 2541.6

The view from Dolly Vista at mile 2532.5. The pictures don’t do it justice.

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