August 31, Day 132 – Snow day

Condensation is a fact of life out here some times. We woke up with a wet tent and damp quilts. I crossed my fingers in hope that the sun would come out later today but we were not so lucky. It was a wet and dreary day most of the morning that turned into cold and very wet in the afternoon. Approach stayed out in front as usual and I spent the entire day hiking a slow and steady pace without breaks. I wanted to stay moving since it was colder out. I also hiked sans headphones the entire day for probably the first time since mile 500. As I was ascending up to Red Pass at mile 2504, it started snowing. I’m not sure what is wrong with me but I really enjoyed it. We had been gifted blue skies for too long and I wanted to feel challenged for once. I laughed and ran and jumped around as I made my last few miles to camp. Approach was not so patiently waiting for me since I had the rain fly to her tent. I had agreed to carry it all day but never had the chance to dry it out. We set up the wet tent with our wet quilts and hoped for the best. I luckily was able to keep my spare set of socks dry and was excited to sleep in them. As usual, we ate a lot of candy and watched some episodes on Netflix before falling asleep.

Headphones have become one of my most used items of gear. When I want to go fast, I put on music. When I want to let my mind wander, a podcast is played. When I need help breaking up the monotonous routine of day to day trail life, music helps a lot. But today, I wanted to be alone with my thoughts. I’m not sure why at the time I picked this day but looking back I think it was because I was dealing with such a drastically different hiking experience than I had almost all trail. It was really nice to wander through the woods thinking about all of the amazing experiences I’ve had on trail. I’m really going to miss this, even days like today.

Miles: 31.7 Total Miles: 2506.5

I didn’t take many photos today because of the weather. This was probably some of the best visibility I had all day. Everything in this picture was wet.

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