August 30, Day 131 – Got my old backpack back

The first part of our day consisted of rolling hills over 13 miles to get into Stevens Pass. I got in not too long after Approach and when I got to the highway we saw a van pull over for another hiker so we walked over and were able to get a ride immediately. He was driving this super cool Ford van from the 70’s that he had converted so he could live out of it. He dropped us off right in front of the restaurant in Skykomish. We were able to dry our stuff out on the patio while we ate. I had a fish sandwich, a chili cheese hot dog and a bowl of chicken vegetable soup. I had not eaten enough on this last stretch and was very hungry. I then headed to the post office so I could get my old pack back. The gear repair company had mailed it here. I’m pretty excited to have it back. While it was fun to test out a prototype for Atom Packs, my old pack from them fit me better and felt better on my back. Once done with the post office, we headed to the deli and gas station to ressuply and for some chai tea and potato salad. I was still hungry some how. Our town time took longer than usual and we didn’t get back to trail until 4:30 so we decided to only do 10 miles instead of the 15 we told the rest of the group we would do. We will have to catch them another day.

Miles: 23.7 Total Miles: 2474.8

For some reason this was the only picture I took this day. You can see the storm clouds rolling in that will end up raining on us that night.

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