August 29, Day 130 – Playing catch-up

Today was a beautiful day with perfect weather and amazing vistas. It made doing 35 miles a lot easier but it was still pretty tough. We had to climb over 8000′ total throughout the day. Approach and I hiked together off and on throughout the day but I spent most of the day with headphones in hiking a bit behind her. I enjoyed going a slower pace and taking less breaks. I find it’s easier to do bigger miles that way. I’m a little torn on if I’m glad we stayed in snoqualmie an extra day. On one hand it was nice to get some more rest but I feel like I used it all today. I’ve gotten lazy doing only 25 miles per day so doing 35 was harder than I expected. I got treated to a beautiful sunset while going over Piper Pass around 8pm.

Miles: 35.6 Total Miles: 2451.1

Sunset from Piper Pass at mile 2449.2

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