August 26, Day 127 and August 27, Day 128 – Double Zero

Approach, Beekeeper, Dragon, Wiesel Dick and myself all took a zero on August 26 and watched movies all day in the cabin we were so lucky to have. It was really nice to have a house to ourselves with everything we needed within a mile of us. For dinner, Wiesel Dick and I decided to walk up to one of the restaurants even though it was raining. Soon after getting on the main road into town, we get picked up by Vice and Banjo. Vice hiked the trail in 2018 and was now working and living out of her van with her dog Banjo. We convinced her to come to dinner with us. Afterwards, she came back to the house and we let her shower and do laundry while we watched more movies.

The next day everyone except for Approach and I got on trail at a reasonable hour. I wanted to wait to see if my shoes came in the mail and she just didn’t feel like hiking yet. To kill time, we went to the pancake house and ate way too much food. When we realized how awful we felt, we decided to take another zero. It was maybe a little irresponsible of us but we justified by saying we wanted to push ourselves again. Hiking 25 miles a day had gotten easy and we missed the high we felt after doing bigger mile days. Our new plan is to do two 35 mile days so we can still get to Stevens Pass at the same time as the rest of the crew. Plus, we got to check in to our hotel at noon and lay in bed all day watching movies. It helped that it was still dark and dreary outside and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.

Miles: 0.0 Total Miles: 2394.1

The clouds were hanging low while we waited for our large Huckleberry milkshakes on our second zero.

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