August 25, Day 126 – Halfway through Washington

We slept on the side of a dirt road that would take us 4 miles down to a side trail along Keechelus Lake. We had found an alternate that allowed us to get into cell signal sooner and do a lot less climbing. We like taking alternates every once in a while to change things up. This alternate granted us the opportunity to walk along a nice wide trail with a view of the lake. The trail also had several privies and we formed a line outside of the first one we came across. We had eaten a lot of food the night before knowing that we would be in town today. The town of Snoqualmie Pass doesn’t have a lot of options for lodging or dining but it does have a house of a good friend. Alex let us stay at his cabin and it was just what we needed. We were able to drop our bags before heading to lunch. The rest of the day we spent watching movies and eating pizza.

Miles: 13.0 Total Miles: 2394.1

Keechelus Lake southeast of Snoqualmie Pass

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