August 24, Day 125 – Taking the road less travelled

We took our time leaving the cabin this morning by making a fire and warming up before setting out on an adventure. We found an amazing blue blaze opportunity today that ended up allowing us to only hike a few miles on trail and the rest of the way on a nice dirt road. The four of us walked together all day. We had an amazing lunch break at a creek where we went for a dip and played a game where we threw small rocks and tried to land them on a big rock. It was really fun. We then played “gross or not gross?” while we walked a very flat road. The views were great to start the day and we got a great glimpse of the northern cascades. We found a huge huckleberry bush right before camp and got to eat several handfuls. We have a good thing going here. I’m loving Washington. I had trouble falling asleep tonight because I was so happy. I kept thinking about how much fun we had today and have been having the last few weeks and I don’t want it to end. We only have 11 or 12 hiking days left and I’m not ready to have to say goodbye to the trail, my friends and this way of life.

Miles: 33.1 Total Miles: 2381.1

The swimming hole we took a 2 hour lunch break at.

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