August 23, Day 124 – Finding reasons to take breaks

The four of us slept in again. We had a short climb first thing and as we crossed the ridge we saw blue sky and sunshine for the first time in a few days. It put a pep in our step. On the way down the hill to cross the highway we met some section hikers and took pictures for them. They then offered us homemade pie if we met them in the parking lot. We got down before them and dried some of our stuff out while we waited. They also gave us fruit and drinks. After a short break we climbed a few miles up to a lake and all went for a swim. When we got to the top of the climb we were greeted with an amazing break spot to take in the view of Mt. Rainier. We had walked through Mt. Rainier National Park for several miles yesterday but had yet to see the mountain. The day only got more magical after that. We found ourselves frequently running with joy. We had to walk through a burn area for a while but it gave us grand views of the mountains around us. We all split up for a bit after a water break and then met back up on the side of a hill and ate candy and watched the clouds. They were exceptionally puffy today. After that break we had an easy 4.5 miles down to a cabin on the edge of a meadow. This cabin had a wood stove, sleeping loft and pit toilets. It was just what we needed to finish out one of our best days. We watched a movie in the loft and stayed up way past our bedtime.

Miles: 26.4 Total Miles: 2348.0

We went for a swim in Sheep Lake just after Chinook Pass

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