August 22, Day 123 – Hiking together makes time fly

Continuing with our 25 miles per day plan we didn’t leave town until after 8. Approach, Beekeeper, Wiesel Dick and I hiked the first 13 miles together then split up at our own paces. I stopped and ate at least 50 blueberries. They were growing all along the trail today and were delicious. We got to camp at 5 and all piled into Wiesel Dicks tent to watch Hot Rod. It was pretty cold out so putting 4 people in a 2 person tent was an easy way to warm up. Washington has proven to be colder and wetter than I expected this early but tomorrow night we get to stay at a cabin.

Miles: 25.7 Total Miles: 2321.6

Beekeeper, myself and Approach snacking at our one break for the day. We spent a lot of time here throwing food in the air and trying to catch it in our mouths. We ate a lot of food off the ground. Photo credit to Wiesel Dick

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