August 21, Day 122 – Short way to go and a long time to get there

Wiesel Dick got out of camp before Approach and I but we only had 15 miles to town. The two of us hiked together for a bit before I put my headphones in and slowed down. She ended up running a lot of the downhill and catching Wiesel while I strolled into town 30 minutes later. Once there we found out Beekeeper had some extra space in a room so we stopped hiking for the day and stayed inside where it was warm and dry. I ate way too much food and watched When Harry Met Sally then Forrest Gump. After the movies the 3 of us went for a swim in the heated pool. Staying in town was a welcome relief from the cold. It’s supposed to be cloudy and wet and cold the next few days so we were able to prepare a bit.

We are really trying to make the trail last as long as possible at this point. We have a few deadlines to meet but for the most part we can decide to spend extra time in town or hike less whenever we want. Today was one of those times. A heated pool and comfy couch sounded way nicer than hiking in the rain.

Miles: 15.4 Total Miles: 2295.9

Some of the last snow we will see all trail. This was pretty soon after leaving camp this morning.

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