August 20, Day 121 – Climbing without reward

The three of us slept in again and then started our day with an episode of tv. As we walked down the trail Wiesel Dick and I picked lots of huckleberries and had purple teeth by mile 3. Most of the day was spent climbing into the clouds. We unfortunately had zero good views as we were socked in while walking the knifes edge of goat rocks wilderness. It was pretty chilly and windy the last few miles and we had our longest snow traverse of all trail. Wiesel Dick and I split two meals of chili Mac and a spaghetti and a ramen. It was good eating.

Goat Rock Wilderness is supposed to be one of the prettiest sections of trail, on a clear day. Unfortunately, clear days aren’t too common and we missed out on all the views. I guess I’ll have to come back and hike this amazing section of trail again.

Miles: 25.8 Total Miles: 2280.5

We were all smiles even without the views.

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