August 19, Day 120 – Huckleberries as far as the eye can see

Wiesel Dick is still recovering from his staph infection so he took the 8am shuttle but Approach and I stuck around for breakfast and took the 10am shuttle. Today was some of the best hiking we’ve had all trail. We walked along the west side of Mt. Adams while the clouds whirled around it. The sun was out most of the day but it was nice and cool and perfect for us. I took a short break with Approach after around 10 miles then hiked the rest of the way without breaks. I took a lot of little stops for a few minutes to take photos of mushrooms, admire the birds gliding in the wind and trying to count how many glacial streams I hiked over. I got to camp around 7 to find Approach and Wiesel Dick picking huckleberries. I joined in and we had a feast. We finished the night watching an episode of tv piled in Wiesel Dicks tent. It was another great day in Washington. 25 mile days are great! I’m excited to keep this pace up the rest of the trail.

Miles: 24.8 Total Miles: 2254.7

Mt. Adams from near mile 2240

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