August 18, Day 119 – What’s the rush?

It was a short jaunt into town this morning that turned into a day on a patio outside the general store in Trout Lake, WA. Approach and I got to town around 10 and immediately had breakfast with huckleberry milkshakes at the cafe. We then spent the rest of the day at the general store. We hitched a ride down the street for pizza for dinner and fit 13 hikers in a small truck on the way back. It was a really relaxing day full of laughter and good times. Hanging out at the general store also meant we got to hang out with a dog, 2 cats and 3 ducks. They lived at the house next door and the dog and cats fit right in. The ducks kept their distance. We ended up just camping on the lawn so we could be as efficient as possible in our energy expenditure for the day.

Miles: 10.2 Total Miles: 2229.9

Approach and I on the way to pizza. Photo credit to Wiesel Dick

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