August 17, Day 118 – A magical day in the forest

Is this real? Did I really just sleep in past 7 and not leave camp until 8? Washington is a magical place. The idea of doing 25 mile days has already altered my sleep schedule. There’s no rush to be anywhere anymore. I slowly made my way down the trail and luckily came across trail magic at mile 5. An abundance of cheese, sparkling water, crackers and salami were waiting for us from a fellow hikers mom. A mile after leaving the trail magic I came across my old buddy Jackson. He had to take time off for an injury in the desert and flipped up to go southbound. We finally crossed paths again. I hadn’t seen him since Memorial Day when I got food poisoning in Tehachipi. He hung out with me in the park. We also had spent some time hiking together near Idyllwild. I decided to spend the rest of the day going really slow. It was a dreary overcast day and the forest was beautiful. There were a lot of mushrooms growing along the trail next to plentiful blueberry and huckleberry bushes. I watched the wind blow through the giant ferns and listened as birds sang to me. Some days blur together out here. But not today. Today stood out for the natural beauty, the change in weather, the new and old friends, and the joy I felt all day. I smile a lot out here but especially today. I think my cheeks hurt more than my feet at the end of the day.

Miles: 25.7 Total Miles: 2219.7

This fungi was still brushing off the dirt when I found it

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