August 15, Day 116 – Washington!

We were in the car by 7:30 and walking across The Bridge of the Gods by 8:30. We got really lucky and the bridge was closed for a 5k run so when the runners got through we had the bridge to ourselves for a few minutes. Usually hikers are fighting traffic to walk safely across. We then sauntered the 19 miles to camp for the night. We have decided to slow down significantly in Washington to enjoy the last bit of trail we have. We aren’t quite ready for the hike to be over. Approach and I hiked together all day and talked about all manners of things from how we hope to work and make money after trail to our favorite Disney movies to how to create the perfect secret handshake. We took an hour and a half break for lunch and watched a couple of episodes on Netflix. We still got to camp before 5 and hung out eating way too much candy. While there, Rambo, Surefoot, Microbe, Fly, Koviet and Taters all showed up at different times and hung out for a bit and chatted about trashy reality tv. It was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had on trail in a while. It was fun racing through Oregon but going slow through Washington is going to be very enjoyable. It’s hotter out tonight than I want it to be but it’s nice sleeping next to a stream. We plan to take it pretty slow the next few days and weeks. By slow, I mean doing 25 miles per day. It’s crazy how easy hiking 25 miles per day is.

Miles: 19.1 Total Miles: 2167.2

Crossing The Bridge of the Gods into Washington

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