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August 13, Day 114 – Finishing Oregon

We didn’t get out of camp until 7 since we didn’t have too far to go. The PCT miles for the day are 5 miles longer than what we actually did. We took the Eagle Creek alternate which is so common among thru hikers that the PCTA had a closure page for it when it was in bad shape. We are lucky enough that it just opened up a few months ago. We got to walk through tunnel falls and enjoy a lot of good swimming holes. We made it into town by 3 and went straight to the ale house for drinks and to pick up our packages. Cheri sent me a box of homemade bread and cookies from North Dakota and my mom sent me a box with cold weather gear in preparation for Washington. At 5, we got picked up by Surefoot’s relatives who live in Hood River. They were letting us stay at their house for 2 nights. We were able to shower, do laundry and eat some home cooked meals.

Miles: 28.4 Total Miles: 2148.1

Headed through Tunnel Falls on the Eagle Creek Alternate
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