August 12, Day 113 – Breakfast buffet

We all got out of camp by 6:30 to make it to the breakfast buffet 10 miles away by 10am. It’s one of the most talked about meals on trail. The breakfast buffet at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. Timberline Lodge is most well known for being in the movie “The Shining.” We spent 2 hours gorging ourselves then waddled another 23 miles down the trail. Approach and I took a decently long break at Ramona Falls to dry our shoes after failing to stay dry across the Sandy River. We then had rolling hills and a decent climb to get to camp for the night. As I got close to camp I came to a dirt road where Taters and her friends from Portland were doing trail magic. They made me a tomato sandwich with one from their garden and it was delicious. Other than some candy I ate at the falls, it was the only other thing I ate that day after the buffet. I was still feeling pretty full. I did end up eating more candy in camp so that I didn’t wake up too hungry the next day.

Miles: 32.2 Total Miles: 2119.7

No the whole table is not for me, I was just the first to go through the buffet.

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