July 31, Day 101 – Oregon!!!

There was excitement in the air all day today. We were finally entering a new state. Today was bigger than the halfway point for me. We all hopped from water source to water source mostly together. It was a lot of fun running the flats and hooting and hollering all day, common tradition while hiking with Wow. Rambo and I would race Approach and Wow a few times. They are really fast. After crossing the border, Wow, Approach and I stuck together until camp. We enjoyed one of the best sunsets I’ve seen all trail and then got trail magic beers from some off-roaders a few miles before camp. It was Approach and Wow’s longest days on trail and we still got into camp at a reasonable time. We were all very happy to finally be in Oregon.

Miles: 40.7 Total Miles: 1703.9

Myself, Wow, Approach, Rambo and Surefoot at the border

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