August 9, Day 110 – First zero in Oregon

We slept in and didn’t get started until 7:15 but we still made it to the road by 9:30, 8.3 miles away. Rambo’s mom was in town and picked us up. Rambo and Surefoot were there waiting for us too with drinks and food. They had done a 24 hour challenge and made it to the road a few hours before us. We then drove into town to stay at Rambo’s great aunts house. It was really nice to be able to stay in a house with a full kitchen and comfy couches. We relaxed most of the day. Approach, Surefoot and I ran some errands and got some things done so tomorrow can be a more chill day. For dinner, we had homemade ceviche and a curry with seafood caught by Rambo’s parents on the coast of Washington State. It was delicious.

Miles: 8.3 Total Miles: 1983.8

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