August 8, Day 109 – 50 miles!

Approach and I intended on waking up at 4:30 to start hiking by 5 so we could do our 50 miles in daylight but we wanted more sleep and turned off the alarms, eventually getting out of camp around 6:45. The first 20 miles of today was practically flat. It had a lot of blow downs as we went through a small burn area but we had done 27 miles by 3. As we were approaching the halfway point for the day, we got a call from Wiesel Dick asking what we wanted from Elks Lodge Resort. He had been a few miles in front of us since yesterday and was going to bring food to us on trail. We had Mac n cheese, mozzarella sticks, a Caesar salad and some root beer. I’m really thankful he brought us all this but it really affected our pace. I could barely walk after eating so much. The second half of our day had a few more climbs but it was beautiful. We started hiking around the Sisters mountains. They are stunning volcanic mountains that tower over the rolling hills around them. The 3 of us stopped for a dinner break at sunset to regain some energy then pushed the last few miles to get to camp just before 12. The last mile of our day was almost entirely on volcanic rock. It was rough on our feet but we were so close to the 50 mile mark we couldn’t be stopped.

Miles: 50.3 Total Miles: 1975.5

The crew in front of Sisters

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