August 7, Day 108 – Taking the scenic route

Approach, Wiesel Dick and I got out of camp by 6:15 and made it the 10.5 miles to shelter cove by 9. We were moving fast and wanted breakfast. It was an easy and scenic morning with a beautiful forest and near the end a nice creek. Wiesel Dick only spent an hour at the cove restaurant and store but approach and I chilled until 12. We then tried to take a railroad shortcut and ended up doing 3 extra miles. But we had a lot of fun. We walked along a railroad and though a giant tunnel and felt like kids. We played the game of who can walk on the rail the longest and she won by a lot. We then did lots of weird long steps to stay on the railroad ties. After we realized our mistake of missing the trail, we headed back through the tunnel to the road where we hitched up to the trail. From there we both slowly walked up the trail. We weren’t in any hurry and we passed by a lot of beautiful lakes. We got to camp around 7 at Charlton Lake and were in our sleeping bags by 9. We ate a lot of food, mostly fudge and other candy. It reminded me of being a kid again. Growing up with grandparents with a candy store meant I ate a lot of fudge in my formative years.

Miles: 36.8 Total Miles: 1925.2

Approach walking the train tracks outside Shelter Cove

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