August 6, Day 107 – Abundant alternates

The smoke cleared up considerably today. When we hit the high point for the trail in Oregon and Washington, we were treated with clear skies and distant views. We hiked pretty quickly today knowing that we would be treated to trail magic at the end of the day. Our goal was to reach a horse campground that is hosted by a couple who loves PCT hikers. 30 miles into the day we came to a road and took a right instead of going straight on the trail. This road took us 3/4 of a mile to a different trail that would take us 10 flat miles to the campground. I caught up with Approach at this junction and we hiked the last 10 miles together. Just like a few days ago, we got distracted as we neared our destination and ended up having to bushwhack again. It delayed our arrival a little bit but we still did 40 miles by 7pm. It felt easy to hike 40 miles. Never thought I would say that in my life. Maybe it was the green tea and brownies we had at the junction. Someone had left a cooler for us.

Miles: 40.0 Total Miles: 1888.4

Mt. Thielsen near mile 1855

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