August 5, Day 106 – Crater Lake National Park

I slept way better on the trail next to a highway and a generator than I thought I would. However, I did wake up with dew and ash on me. The fires nearby are growing and we are worried about what our future in Oregon looks like. I headed down to the Mazama Village store and started charging my electronics and looking for my friends. I found Rambo and Surefoot at the hiker campground and also got quite a bit of food out of the hiker box there. We headed back to the store to find Wiesel Dick and Approach inviting us over to trail magic by Wiesel Dick’s mom. She had promised pancakes and bacon for us. We ate more than we needed then headed up to the rim. It was smoky and windy but the views were still good. After a break outside the restaurant there, we headed around the rim to get back to the PCT. We took an alternate so we could enjoy the views of the rim trail. As we got near camp for the night we saw a van parked on the side of the road. Trail magic! We had brats and burgers and sodas and beer. It was a great nightcap. We got to camp around 7:30 and went to bed early so we could rest after a short sleep the night before. Haiku and Recon also camped with Approach, Rambo, Surefoot, Wiesel Dick and I.

Miles: 27.5 Total Miles: 1848.4

Trail magic by Wiesel Dicks mom at Crater Lake National Park

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